Lister Industries
About Our Products
Precast Concrete Vaults:  We produce a variety of concrete vaults for many commercial
applications.  We manufacture, deliver and set our vaults throughout Iowa and surrounding
states.  We manufacture grease interceptors, sand/oil interceptors, electrical vaults, meter
pits, holding tanks, and any custom vault your project needs.  See our
products page for

Septic Tanks:  Lister's can provide you with nearly everything you need to complete your
septic system.  Not only can we provide your tank, but also your distribution box, pipe,
lateral field chambers, and risers.  Our one-piece tanks are water-tight and come with poly
risers cast in the lid for easy addition of risers to come up to grade.  Three full-time drivers
are available to give you quality service throughout Central Iowa.

Precast Steps, Railing and Fencing:  Need a new step, railing or fence for your
residence or commercial property?  We will give you a FREE estimate!  Our salesman will
look at your project, and give you a free quote for the work you need done.  Our
manufacturing and installation crew are experienced and will provide you with a quality
product.  Please take a look at some examples of residential and commercial projects we
have completed in our
products page.